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The Women's Center works diligently to  support,  celebrate and empower all individuals who identify as women. We would like to emphasize that the Center is not just for women nor is it just about women. Instead, the Center welcomes and engages persons of all genders, as we recognize that equity and justice cannot be achieved by working in silos. 

From left, Divya Pathak ’15, Naimah Petigny ’14, and Sarah Slichter ’15, participating in a Women’s Center photo project.

Mission, Vision and Values


The Women's Center supports and celebrates leadership; provides empowering spaces for all women and non-binary individuals; takes action to address gender inequity on campus; provides programming and resources on local, national and global gender issues; honors Vassar College’s unique history; and promotes understanding among people of different genders, cultures, beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, abilities and sexual orientations.


The Women’s Center envisions an equitable and just campus where individuals feel safe and empowered; students value learning about a wide variety of gender-related topics; and students will take the gender equity values they learn about at Vassar to positively influence society at large.


  • All students, staff and faculty are welcome.
  • Our work focuses on and embraces  all women and non-binary individuals. 
  • Students’ needs, interests and passions are the drivers of our programming and initiatives
  • We seek to raise the campus community’s awareness of gender issues as well as provide space for specific groups to explore and affirm their identities.
  • Collaborating with other Centers, offices and student groups makes our work more effective and relevant to the campus.
  • We support and cultivate communities that embrace feminism, gender justice and trans-inclusion.